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I blogged again..

Hi there! It’s been a very long time since I blogged again, and now Im here again sharing something and there you are again reading my blog! So here’s the story..

It’s almost 3am now and I feel a certain emptiness inside, I’m certainly not depressed or suffering from a break-up. NO! It’s just a RANDOM feeling I suddenly feel. You know, When you feel what I feel, You’ll be looking forward to open it up to someone you trust or to someone who is just there to listen. But when everybody’s pretty occupied and no one wants to listen might as well blog. Right?

Awhile ago, before started making this. I was talking to my mom through Viber. We were exchanging different stories that happened to us these past few days (since she’s working overseas, just so you know!) She didn’t knew I was feeling this way, but talking to her relieves this emptiness Im feeling right now. I just want to talk and talk and talk to her about everything. I just want someone to listen. I really really miss her. Its very different communicating through phone and talking to people face to face.

You guys don’t take everything for granted. We all have these techie gadgets for us to communicate on our convenience but also don’t forget to communicate with other people face to face, in real time. Because you have to know what’s in their heart and soul. People have feelings and thoughts to share! When before my mom went to abroad, I barely to talk to her about my life. Just a simple conversations would be fine. But I realized things would be even better if we communicate personally.

People come and go, We don’t choose who’s gonna stay and who’s not. There may have some people who hurt us in the past but they surely shared us some good memories to remember. (Just a thought to ponder)

I’m almost finished writing/typing this blog. And I kinda feel better after all this late night drama. Perhaps, A part of this emptiness comes from the fact that Im longing for the presence of my love, my man. Im longing for everything about him, His kiss, his hug and the stories and moments we share together. I miss him so much.

Do not forget to thank God for everything, Thank you for spending your time reading my thoughts.

Love, Kurt.

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How’s everyone?

Hi guys!! It’s been a while since I opened my tumblr account and posted my looks but anyways, I really miss you guys here! I’ll be back soon with new looks and new me!

You guys excited? (Assuming) lol

I’ll see you soon!! Love you all

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1- Versace-ish Foulard print jacket


2- Proudrace Virgin Tee


3 - Long skirt + Tuk creepers


Photographed by my love TJ

How do you miss me guys? I’ve been missing a lot here! Masyado akong naging busy sa school! So, here’s my first look for 2013. Kailangan ng pasabog at drama! The world is getting smaller!

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I love you, Vitamin J *kiss


Margiela in Eyewear, 666 Straight jacket, HK Skeleton printed shirt. (oooops! Glow in the dark yan mare!

Leather cropped leggings, Adidas X Jeremy Scott Sneakers

Last outfit for the last day of Philippine Fashion Week! I really had a great time watching different shows of different designers showcasing their work and aesthetics in art and fashion. Philippines may not be the most “fashionable” country in the world like Paris or Japan but I’m glad that we are moving forward to the innovation for fashion but not all of us can understand fashion. I think it’s a good thing na rin siguro na hindi lahat ng tao marunong pumorma diba? Imagine mo nalang lahat ng tao sa pilipinas, ang slippers HEEL LESS SHOES! Oh diba ang taray non! Baka wala nang mag stand out. Kawawa naman ang mga bakla! Kems

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Till the next fashion moments! Vitamin J


Fierce and love!! =p

I met David online. He was an elf and I was an orc. We did everything together, even though I was in Salford and he was in Beijing.

Fought dragons.

Captured citadels.

Fell in love.

I almost cried..

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Anonymous asked: CRUSH KITA AS IN SUPER <3 SANA MAPANSIN MO AKO <////3 :(

How? Please don’t hide before your shadow.


Chloe Foulard Print Button Down

Chai Shorts, Swatch X Jeremy Scott Watch, Adidas X Jeremy Scott

Come and put your name on it
Put your name on it
Come and put your name on it
Ya name, betcha wana put your name on it put ya name on it
Come and put your name on it

Its not even my birthday (my birthday)

But it’s my birthday!! It’s my birthday last All Saints Day!! And guess what… I’m 18 already! Legal age na ang lola mo! O’diba, Pwede good girl gone wild na ang peg. HAHA!  Anyways, this photo was taken at Philippine Fashion Week Day 1. Look above for the details of my garments! Well, This look is inspired by nothing! Wala talaga akong maisip na maisuot for that day, What I did is Mix and match and tadaaaa! Everything has a twist! Twister fries lang ang peg! choss 

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Bitch ka lang, Ako SUPER BITCH!

Sabi nga ni Carla Abellana sa Tanduay Commercial niya, “Everything looks different in the dark……Mas nakaka-intriga” kaya mejo na intriga din ako about this look! We all look good in the dark pero hindi ko alam anong nangyari sayo! Chos! 

Anyways, Please check out my new look at Lookbookdotnu. and don’t forget to hype if you have an account! i love you darlings! ——> HERE’S THE LINK! CLICK!

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